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tiny keychains I use on my 3ds

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Alucard, you magnificent scary beast. (x)

Mr. Bipolar is what i like to call him one minute he’s calm as a whistle next minute he bites someones head off literally.

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cat marshmallows

What’s fluffy, sweet and too adorable to eat? Cat marshmallows! Now you can have cat inspired beverages in the comfort of your own home thanks to Yawahada, a Japanese specialist marshmallow shop.

The paw print marshmallows come in three types; for placing milk teas, matcha (green tea) lattes and hot chocolates.

Not only are they super kawaii, these spongy cat paws actually poke through the froth of your drink! Even after the paw melts, it covers your beverage with ‘paw art’.

If you think these paws are the bee’s knees, just wait till you see ‘Café Cat’. When placed in hot chocolate, it looks as though a kitty is peaking through your drink!

Cat marshmallows can be bought separately or in gift sets. The Café Cat and Paw box comes with two cats and two paw prints for 840 yen ($AUD8.99). Yawahada currently only ships within Japan, however if you’re visiting Japan, you’ll able to place an order and get the delicious treats delivered to where you’re staying, you lucky duck you!

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All I want in life is a gritty comic book style Hellsing. Not Manga, not Anime, a gritty, ‘the walking dead’ style Hellsing.

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This includes not only if our characters haven’t met yet, but even if they already have.

"Are you lost?"
'And you are?”

"Who are you?"
"I don’t think we’ve met."
"How old are you?"
"How long have you been there?"
"Can I trust you?"
"Who do you think you are?"

"Are you wearing…

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» Abusive plots;
Please like/reblog if you’re fine with abusive, kidnapping, torturous plots. I need some people to para with so yeah. Thanks.

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