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» Halloween is coming up soon. Send me an ask with what you think my muse should dress up as.
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» Send “✹POW!✹” and my character will react to your character hitting them somehow.


options range from the joking and less severe to veryTRIGGER WARNINGS apply!


(opposite meme here)

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» You have the entirety of ONE ask to make my muse blush and squirm bad enough to need a cold shower. Go nuts.
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» Who do you think my character would take a bullet for?


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» Character Development
1: What's a movie your character enjoys?
2: What's a movie your character really, really doesn't enjoy?
3: Does your character prefer warm colors or cool colors?
4: Which season of the year does your character identify with?
5: Your character is partial to people who _____? (Are tall, have blue eyes, tend to be rowdy, etc)
6: Favorite snack?
7: Does your character ever over-indulge? Or habitually do something "wrong?" (Sneaking by the booth to get a second sample of food, maybe)
8: Describe their sexuality.
9: Name something they have to do every so often that they really dread (covering for their friend, doing dishes, etc)
10: What's your character really, REALLY proud of?
11: Your character will absolutely flip their lid if __________ happens.
12: Is there a person or group of people your character envies? What do they have that your character desires so badly?
13: Your character does ____ or avoids ____ because they associate it with having a good/bad day.
14: Favorite musical instrument/an instrument they'd like to play/a song they would enjoy.
15: Are there any childhood habits your character never outgrew?
16: What sort of scents might trigger some flashbacks for your character?
17: Your character finds it weird when people __________
18: People find it weird when your character __________
19: Is your character afraid of death?
20: Is your character afraid of life?
21: It's a rainy day. Like, pouring. Buckets of rain everywhere. Your character, on a day like this, is probably doing what?
22: Is your character touchy-feely with everyone? Or is personal space a huge deal?
23: How does your character react when someone else is touchy-feely?
24: Roses mean "I'm sorry." Your character is more likely to keep some other kind of plant in the house, if ever. What plant? Maybe fake plants?
25: When put into X situation, your character is calm and collected and patient, while others may be anywhere from confused to panicking and screaming. Talk about X-Situation and why it means what it does to your character.
26: Conversely, when put into Z-Situation, your character faints/screams/freezes with terror/is otherwise unable to respond properly in the situation and should probably not be allowed to lead here. Talk about Z-Situation and what it means to your character.
27: How is their relationship with their biological family? Was there ever a relationship there?
29: What animals is your character fond of?
30: Your character at 6 years old still believed in Santa, what a loser. What did this nerd write in their letter to Santa that year?
31: The smell or sight or even THOUGHT of ________ will make your character's mouth water.
32: Your character was/is good in their ______ class(es) in school.
33: Does your character have an opinion on even or odd numbers?
34: Your character would not exactly mourn anyone's losses if a piano suddenly dropped on _________.
36: Would you rather _________ or ________ (asker's choice)
37: Your character starts losing their shit, like, they can't breathe they are laughing so hard. What's so funny?
38: Your character's general opinion on kids. What if they were to have a kid? What if something happened and someone had a kid and your character was the only one who could take care of that child?
39: Your character's preferred climate
40: Your character's preferred environment (a student library with a white noise of pages flipping and keyboards clacking? noisy household? absolute silence in a cramped room because they hoard stuff?)
41: Your character would trust _________ with their life, their body, their everything.
42: Your character would not trust ________ with anything at all
43: Your character would ________ for unlimited cash
44: Your character would never in a million years ______ even for all the money in the world
45: Your character would _______ for a klondike bar.
46: Describe your character's overall look and whether they're aesthetically pleasing or not.
47: __________ is playing on the radio right now. It isn't your character's favorite song but hot diggity dog crank up that volume and let your character sing at the top of their lungs like a belting second grader with no vocal control whatsoever
48: Your character does ____________ ironically.
49: Your character did ___________ ironically but now they do it out of habit and they can't stop.
50: Some people take all the paperclips out of the box and chain them together. Name something useless your character does but never bothered to stop.
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» Send “Can I kiss you?” to see how my muse responds.
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"Why are you here in bed..with me?!"

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